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I'm on the "OH HELL YES" bandwagon with this intoxicating scent! I've worn this on and off (mostly on) since the late 70's. I've had perfect strangers stop me and ask what I'm wearing... Boyfriends throughout the years have loved it. My husband loves it!
Back in the day when I was a waitress working my way through college.. I had a patron say "you always smell so wonderful!" He then asked me to write down the name of my perfume. :) That being said.... It's getting very expensive. You will usually have to drop a couple of Benjamins (or more) for a couple of ounces of the EDP. The only Jungle Gardenia that is worth a hoot is the discontinued vintage Jungle Gardenia by TUVACHE. I really dislike the reformulated JD by COTY or Evyann and the Tuvache 1933. (Don't waste your money) The trick to wearing Jungle Gardenia is to use just a little. It really packs a punch and lasts a long long time.

Cardenia - MemoryCardenia - MemoryCardenia - MemoryCardenia - Memory