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The films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe have received both critical and commercial success, and the franchise as a whole currently ranks as the highest-grossing film franchise of all time. Outside of feature films, the franchise has expanded into comic books, a series of short films called Marvel One-Shots , and the television series Marvel's Agents of . and Agent Carter .

Anyhow, the Shadow King (using the name of Farouk) worked in 1936 with Wolfgang von Strucker and Geist, agents of Hitler wanting to dethrone King Edward of England in favor of a fascist relative. To do so, the Shadow King performed a mystic ceremony which accidentally pulled back in time Rachel Summers , the host of the Phoenix Force , alongside with Summers' friend Shadowcat . Due to the failure, von Strucker began to doubt of the Shadow King's power. The Shadow King captured and tranced Summers but Shadowcat escaped and found an ally in Alasdhair Kinross. Farouk captured then heir to the throne Lilibet and, taking control of the Phoenix, escaped to Edinburgh.

Universe - Dance Division Vol. 12Universe - Dance Division Vol. 12Universe - Dance Division Vol. 12Universe - Dance Division Vol. 12